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  1. The works published on Wvaea.org are general and as information media for American education information that is reliable and useful.
  2. The distribution of Wvaea.org’s work in other locations is permitted as far as mentioning the name of the author and source of Wvaea.org, and at least three days after it was aired on Wvaea.org.
  3. Wvaea.org is not responsible for the non-delivery of data/information said by readers through the many types of communication drainage (e-mail, SMS, online form) due to unexpected technical errors.
  4. Wvaea.org has the right to load, not load, edit, and delete data/information that is said by the reader.
  5. Data and information contained on Wvaea.org is merely a reference/reference and is not desirable for stock trading, financial / business transactions or other transactions.
  6. Although many attempts have been made to show data and information as accurately as possible, Wvaea.org and all partners who provide data and information, are not responsible for any errors and delays in modernizing data or information, or any losses that arise due to related actions by using the data/information presented by Wvaea.org
  7. Following the initial intention, Wvaea.org was created as an educational media location in America from the hustle and bustle of information flow. So each work cannot be taken too seriously and made complicated.
  8. If there are parties who feel aggrieved by the works posted on Wvaea.org, you can file a protest past the email perancangsilabus@gmail.com and via comments on the post that is being complained (protest).
  9. If there are works on Wvaea.org that make you happy, pray for this educational media to stay afloat and grow. If there is something that makes you hurt, forgive, then stir it to God so that this media can build more significant and more enjoyable.

A descriptive sentence for the Call To Action (CTA).